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  1. George Wahington Carver
  2. Lusitania
  3. Commodore Matthew Perry
  4. Palestine
  5. Nat'l Socialism 3
  1. a American boat that was sunk by a German topedo in May 1915
  2. b Amazed the world with his accomplishments; He could do almost anything with plants; Discovered 118 uses for the sweet potato
  3. c the home for Jews after WWII
  4. d led the American naval fleet to Japan to open trade relations
  5. e Thrid rule that says the leader can do NO WRONG

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  1. first American black woman to head a federal agency
  2. Israel became a nation once again
  3. person who leaves his own country to make his home in another country
  4. stated that any family that settled in certain areas West could recieve 160 acres of land if the head of the family lived on the land, farming or making improvements for 5 years
  5. Second rule that means "All people are not equal" but some groups of people (such as Jews) are inferior

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  1. Adoniram Judsonprobably the greatest inventor known for inventing the electric light bulb, the phonograph, motion pictures, and many more


  2. Henry Fordfirst to use an assembly line to produce his Model T


  3. Adolph HitlerGerman ruler and leader of National Socialism government


  4. General William T Shermanhe was sent out in 1864 by General Grant to capture Atlanta, Georgia, an important city to the Confederates


  5. George LieleAmerica's first missionary to a foreign land