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  1. U-boat
  2. Harriet Tubman
  3. stampede
  4. Missouri Compromise
  5. Countries taken over by Germany
  1. a Austria, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France
  2. b no other territories north of an established boundary line could enter the Union as slave states
  3. c German underwater boat or submarine
  4. d an escaped slave from Maryland who became one of the most famous leaders of the underground railroad
  5. e when cattle run wildly from being spooked

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  1. first American black woman to head a federal agency
  2. land which the U.S. set aside for Indians
  3. half-wild cattle
  4. invented the mechanical reaper which reduced the amount of time it took to harvest the wheat fields.
  5. taxes which the federal government had placed on goods imported from other countries

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  1. Peter CartwrightPresident Wilson kept USA neutral first 3 yrs of the war


  2. life expectancy in 1900girls age 79 and boys age 74


  3. Dwight L. Moodyold Spanish mission that is best remembered for the battle fought their for Texas' independence


  4. United Nations (UN)used for world nations to work together to settle their problems


  5. Archduke Ferdinandmurdered heir to the Austria Hungary throne, also led to WWI