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  1. en avoir assez de faire qqch
  2. au premier abord
  3. d'une part... d'autre part
  4. pas du tout
  5. à plusieurs reprises
  1. a at first sight
  2. b on one hand... on the other hand
  3. c not at all
  4. d to be fed up with something
  5. e repeatedly

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  1. to do one's best
  2. to sleep in ("make a fat morning")
  3. to have something done
  4. to run away
  5. to change one's mind

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  1. gaspiller son argentto do one's best


  2. se tirer d'affaireto change one's mind


  3. quant àto hold a grudge against


  4. en vouloir àas for


  5. avoir envie deto stand in line