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  1. Incessant
  2. Irresolute
  3. Indulgent
  4. Nepotism
  5. Notoriety
  1. a Uninterrupted; continuous
  2. b Favoritism shown to relatives, especially in job appointments
  3. c humoring; yielding; lenient
  4. d Disrepute; ill fame
  5. e uncertain how to act; weak

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  1. tasteless;dull
  2. resolutely fearless; dauntless
  3. Wealth.
  4. Ordinary; worldly as opposed to spiritual
  5. Bring up; feed; educate

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  1. PacifistOne who is peaceful or opposed to the use of force


  2. InalienableUnruly;stubborn


  3. Legacya gift made by a will


  4. NominalWandering from place to place: having no fixed location


  5. MagnanimousOf great importance or consequence