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  1. Requisite
  2. Baleful
  3. Megalomania
  4. Extricate
  5. Quack
  1. a mental state in which delusions of wealth and power predominate
  2. b required, necessary
  3. c to free from a tangled or difficult situation
  4. d faker; one who falsely claims to have a medical skill
  5. e harmful, with evil intentions

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  1. to feel regret or sorrow
  2. sparing or limited in appetite, restrictive
  3. immoral, unrestricted by society
  4. a much larger supply than is needed
  5. leader, rabble roused, usually appealing to emotion or prejudice

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  1. Adageto bother, upset, or disconcert


  2. Beguileto deceive, mislead; charm


  3. Waryto refuse, stop short; prevent


  4. Behemothhuge creature


  5. Colleagueassociate or coworker of similar status