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  1. Amalgam
  2. Fatuous
  3. Kudos
  4. Ordain
  5. Cajole
  1. a to flatter, coax, persuade
  2. b stupid; foolishly self-satisfied
  3. c mixture, combination alloy
  4. d to make someone a priest or minister
  5. e fame, glory, honor

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  1. to calm or make less severe
  2. group of actors
  3. a band around arm or leg to prevent free movement; anything restricting freedom
  4. having unlimited power
  5. very talkative

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  1. Sonorousproducing a full, rich sound


  2. Blatantdeeply absorbed


  3. Utilitarianfear and anxiety


  4. Wryamusing, ironic


  5. Bequeathto pass on to others; to leave to another in one's will