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  1. a large, destructive, fire,burning fever, violent conflict
  2. matter that sinks to the bottom of water
  3. a vessel used to receive liquids poured from another vessel
  4. enjoys the company of others, social
  5. irascible
  1. a mad, easily angered, hot-tempered
  2. b conflagration
  3. c gregarious
  4. d sediment
  5. e decanter

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  1. a ring of light around the sun or moon
  2. attentive, obedient, overly polite
  3. very nice, charming, suave
  4. dexterous
  5. remorse

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  1. buffoona ridiculous but amusing person, clown


  2. one in a series of levelsroster


  3. physical beautypulchritude


  4. a missile, something thrownroster


  5. reverberatehard, unmoving, stubborn