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  1. sleepwalker
  2. precarious
  3. softly bright, flickering
  4. irascible
  5. egregious
  1. a outstandingly or notably bad
  2. b lambent
  3. c mad, easily angered, hot-tempered
  4. d somnambulist
  5. e risky dangerous, unstable

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  1. decanter
  2. a ridiculous but amusing person, clown
  3. strong and firm, tough
  4. ovation
  5. jettison

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  1. flotillasmall fleet of ships


  2. a missile, something thrownprojectile


  3. (n.) a beverage, archaic, the act of pouring out a liquid as a religious offeringxenophobia


  4. caucusa closed meeting of a political party or faction


  5. festoona decorative chain or strip hung in a curve between two points