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  1. scurvy
  2. remit
  3. bravura
  4. furor
  5. ardent
  1. a a display of daring esp. in music, a brilliant performance N
  2. b lay aside, slacken in diligence V
  3. c contemptible or despicable ADJ
  4. d characterized by eager or zealous support or activity
  5. e an angry or maniacal fit; rage; fury N

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  1. something extraneous or of decorative quality N
  2. deserving of praise ADJ
  3. to catch sight of, discover V
  4. to show hesitation based on conscience. V
  5. an often repeated phrase, word, image, or theme in a literary work N

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  1. Belielay aside, slacken in diligence V


  2. solacegray or white with old age, extremely old, ancient. ADJ


  3. covertsurrender or yield, something that one possesses V


  4. Miento assert of affirm, to declare in a positive manner V


  5. cupidityeager or excessive desire especially to possess something, greed, avarice. N