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  1. Belie
  2. parity
  3. Harrow
  4. Acumen
  5. clemency
  1. a to give a false impression of. V
  2. b the quality or state of being equal N
  3. c ADJ, Keenness, depth of perception, discernment
  4. d to disturb, torment or vex VB/ADJ
  5. e a deed showing mercy or leniency N

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  1. late ADJ
  2. find fault with V
  3. to act as judge between two parties, to decide V
  4. a short instructive saying N
  5. any sudden, violent, outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion N

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  1. extrapolateto face or release from entanglement V


  2. imminentimpending, likely to occur at any moment ADJ


  3. purportto convey or profess something of meaning; to imply V


  4. Peerlessmatchless, incomparable ADJ


  5. Miento proceed along a course or route V