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  1. bowdlerize
  2. ferret
  3. cataclysm
  4. besiege
  5. debacle
  1. a to remove offensive passages of a play, novel, etc.
  2. b a violent change, disaster, catastrophe
  3. c to search or drive out
  4. d a complete failure, total collapse
  5. e to overwhelm, surround and attack

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  1. to ridicule; to mock
  2. to frolic; to romp about playfully
  3. pertaining to smell
  4. a strict disciplinarian; taskmaster
  5. to criticize sharply

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  1. denouementan outcome; result


  2. recapitulateto make an excuse for


  3. demeanorbehavior, manning of conducting one's self


  4. agapeopen-mouthed; surprised; agog


  5. onerousa sound made by a bell, often rung slowly for a death or funeral