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  1. enervate
  2. pedestrian
  3. celibate
  4. neologism
  5. opulent
  1. a rich, luxurious, wealthy
  2. b abstaining from intercourse, unmarried
  3. c to weaken, devitalize, exhaust
  4. d a new word or expression
  5. e ordinary, dull, commonplace, mediocre

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  1. skillful; clever
  2. rude or impolite person, buffoon, clown
  3. deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on the other
  4. a sad or mournful poem
  5. a strict disciplinarian; taskmaster

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  1. emendationcorrection, improvement, amendment


  2. bovinepertaining to cows or cattle


  3. dichotomya division into two parts


  4. antipathyan exact opposite, converse


  5. ignobledishonorable, shameful, despicable, base