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  1. What happened at the Yalta Conference?
  2. What did the USSR
    liberate in Poland?
  3. In 1941, what led to the internment of Japanese-American citizens and much fear in Americans?
  4. What two other US territories did Japan capture in December in 1941?
  5. What Allied Power declared war on Japan in 1945?
  1. a German death camp: Auschwitz
  2. b USSR
  3. c Post- war borders of Germany
  4. d A Japanese sub surfaced off the coast of California and shelled an oil storage site.
  5. e Guam and Wake Island

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  1. USSR and FInland; Finland won and proved to Hitler how easy it would be for him to attack the USSR and win.
  2. Sudentenland
  3. Danzig
  4. Battle of Stalingrad.
  5. Admiral Yamamoto

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  1. What two Nordic countries fell to Hitler in 1940?WWII may be worse for Germany than WWI


  2. What was Operation Husky in 1943?Allied forced land in Sicily; start moving up the boot. (Causes Italy to surrender)


  3. What strategy did Hitler decide upon against the USSR in 1941?Target Leningrad and Stalingrad to dishearten the communists.


  4. Who became the British Prime Minister in 1940?Allied forced land in Sicily; start moving up the boot. (Causes Italy to surrender)


  5. In 1941, What helped convince Japan to go to war with the US?Relations are broken off, all Japanese assets in the USA are taken, and the USA will no longer sell oil to Japan.