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  1. Amendment 26
  2. Amendment 2
  3. who (whose, whom), which, that
  4. Amendment 16
  5. What did the Missouri Compromise do?
  1. a Income tax
  2. b Voting age becomes 18
  3. c Missouri entered as a slave state, and Maine entered as a free state. It also balanced the slave and free states for thirty years. It prohibited slavery above the 36/30 line.
  4. d Right to bear and keep arms
  5. e quī, quae, quod
    (relative pronouns)

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  1. Business opportunity, land ownership, employment offers, political (religious) freedom.
  2. Acquiring territory or gaining control over the political or economic life of other countries.
  3. Complex ideas.
  4. Christianized Aristotle.
  5. National prohibition

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  1. What were the results of the Mexican War?An international peace-keeping effort that was eventually replaced by the U.N. in 1945.


  2. Perfect Indicative Passiveamātus eram, amāta eram, amātum eram
    (erās, erat)


  3. Imperfect Indicative Passiveamābar
    (ābāris, ābātur)


  4. What event started the problems between the colonists and Britain?Presidential, Radical, and Redemption.


  5. LockeThe things that can be perceived are simple sensations.