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  1. Pluperfect Indicative Active
  2. What was the Treaty of Paris (1783)?
  3. How did the New Deal alter the course of America's government?
  4. Amendment 9
  5. Name 4 reasons for the colonization of America.
  1. a A document that acknowledged the U.S. as an independent nation. (expanded U.S. borders)
  2. b Business opportunity, land ownership, employment offers, political (religious) freedom.
  3. c It created big government, welfare, and Social Security, and signified a shift in the government's role - from protecting to providing for Americans.
  4. d Rights retained by the people
  5. e amāveram
    (āverās, āverat)

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  1. amor
    (āris, ātur)
  2. custōs, custōdis
  3. tēlum, tēlī
  4. 1. Containment of communism. 2. The Arms Race.
  5. Limiting powers of federal courts

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  1. Amendment 8Rules of common law


  2. What is Isolationism?Staying out of foreign affairs.


  3. JesusMan is a sinner and is saved through redemption.


  4. lead (away)usque


  5. Amendment 13Quartering of Troops