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  1. fictious
  2. innovation
  3. overture
  4. obliterate
  5. culinary
  1. a something newly introduced or created
  2. b related to cooking or kitchens
  3. c a piece of music intended to introduce a longer work; an act or offer showing readiness to form a relationship or negotiate
  4. d false or fake; adopted or assumed in order to deceive; imanginary; unreal; relating to fiction
  5. e to wipe out completely; to do away with, leaving no trace

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  1. meant to trick; not straightforward; shifty; departing from the correct or accepted way; departing from the sraight or direct course; roundabout
  2. the most direct or specific meaning of a word
  3. to picture in the mind; to imagine
  4. requiring endless effort; without result or success
  5. to criticize, argue, or rause objections over something unimportant; an unimportant complaint

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  1. pidgina simplified form of speech developed from two or more languages


  2. subliminalto sink to a lower or more normal level; to become less active or intense


  3. beholdto gaze or look upon


  4. guilesly intelligence; craftiness with the intention to deceive


  5. commenceto give approval or praise