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  1. pidgin
  2. overture
  3. obliterate
  4. thwart
  5. havoc
  1. a a simplified form of speech developed from two or more languages
  2. b to wipe out completely; to do away with, leaving no trace
  3. c to prevent from taking place; frustrate; block
  4. d a piece of music intended to introduce a longer work; an act or offer showing readiness to form a relationship or negotiate
  5. e widespread destruction and devastation; chaos and disorder

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  1. to board a plane or ship; to start a major effort; to set out on a venture
  2. something that draws attention away from the main issue
  3. truthfulness or accurarcy; conformity to fact or truth
  4. to support with evidence
  5. stale and foul because of lack of movement; lacking progress or vitality

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  1. impressionisticdescribing a highly personal, individual response to experience; reflecting a style of painting of the late nineteeth century that focuses on a personal or momentary view of something


  2. reproachto bring up a subject for discussion


  3. hypocriticalgiving a false appearance; saying one thing, but doing another


  4. gapeto stare in amazement, often with the mouth wide open


  5. generateto create; to bring into being