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  1. spinal cord
  2. tendon
  3. Transverse fracture
  4. ossification
  5. vertebrae
  1. a the bones that make up your spine.
  2. b a fibrous cord that attaches muscle to the bone
  3. c completely across the bone
  4. d the process by which bone is formed, renewed and repaired
  5. e a long column of nerve tissue about the thickness of your index finger, extending about 18 inches down your backe

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  1. incomplete; two parts of the bone do not separate
  2. inflammation of a joint
  3. the second largest part of the brain that coordinates the movement of skeletal muscles
  4. 80 bones of the skull, spine, ribs, vertebrae, ad sternum
  5. head and neck

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  1. rectus abdominusscapula and shoulder blade


  2. buniona painful swelling of the bursa in the first joint of the big toe


  3. bursitisthe inflammation of a fluid-filled sac


  4. irregular bonesfacial bones and vertebrae


  5. torn cartilageresults from a sharp blow or the twisting of a joint