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  1. adjunct
  2. nepotism
  3. morass
  4. corroborate
  5. laconic
  1. a [L. ad= to + jungere=to join] (n) something added to something else as helpful or useful but not essential; an assistant/helper; a valuable quality or characteristic (adj) added or connected in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity
  2. b [L. cor=together + robur=strength] (vt) to confirm or give support to (a statement, theory/finding)
  3. c [L. nepos=nephew or grandson] (n) unethical favoritism to or excessive patronage of one's relatives
  4. d [Gk. Laconicus Sparta= from the Spartan reputation for terseness] (adj) using a minimum of words; terse; concise to the point of being rude/ mysterious
  5. e [Gk. merse=swamp, moor, or bog] (n) a patch of soft, wet ground; a swamp; a quagmire; a confusing situation in which one is entrapped, as in quicksand

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  1. [ME noy=annoyance, from OE "enui"] (adj) offensive to the senses; disgusting; foul-smelling; noxious, harmful
  2. (vt) to defraud, to cheat (someone) out of something valuable; to evade payment of or to; to slip away from; to block the development of; to frustrate
  3. [L. re=again + mandare=to entrust] (vt) to send or order back; in law, to send back to jail or lower court
  4. [L. inter=between + necare=to kill] (adj) mutually destructive; characterized by great slaughter and bloodshed
  5. [L. ab=from + errare=to wander] (n) a departure from what is proper, right, expected, or normal; a lapse from a sound mental state

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  1. epicure(n) a perfect example/representation of a particular quality, quintessence


  2. syndrome[ME noy=annoyance, from OE "enui"] (adj) offensive to the senses; disgusting; foul-smelling; noxious, harmful


  3. eleemosynary[Gk. epi=upon + hemera= a day] (adj) transient, fleeting, evanescent, brief; lasting one day/very short time


  4. contumelious[L. con=with + tumere=to swell] (adj) insolent/rude in speech or behavior; insultingly abusive; humiliating


  5. proselyte[Gk. proselytos=newcomer] (n) a convert; a disciple