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  1. epicure
  2. syndrome
  3. traumatic
  4. bilk
  5. abortive
  1. a [L. syn=with + dramein= to run] (n) a group of symptoms or signs that collectively characterize or indicate a disease, disorder, abnormality, etc.
  2. b (vt) to defraud, to cheat (someone) out of something valuable; to evade payment of or to; to slip away from; to block the development of; to frustrate
  3. c [Gk. trauma=wound] (adj) emotionally distressing
  4. d [L. aboriri=miscarry] (adj) failing to accomplish an intended aim or purpose; only partially/imperfectly developed
  5. e (n) a person devoted to sensuous pleasure and luxurious living; a person with refined taste, especially in food/wine

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  1. [Fr. mal=bad + content, satisfied] (adj) dissatisfied with or in open defiance of prevailing conditions (n) a person who is malcontent
  2. (n) a perfect example/representation of a particular quality, quintessence
  3. [Gk. epi=upon + hemera= a day] (adj) transient, fleeting, evanescent, brief; lasting one day/very short time
  4. (vt) to cancel, repeal, annul, make void
  5. [L. "of the fact"] (adj) actually existing or in effect, although not legally required or sanctioned (adv) in reality, actually

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  1. melee[OE bana=killer] (n) the source or cause of death, destruction, or ruin; death or ruin itself


  2. poltroon(n) a harsh satire, usually directed against a person/institution. (vt) to make (someone) the subject of a _______ ; to ridicule


  3. internecine[L. de=from + racine=rock] (vt) to pull up from the roots; to root out, uproot, or dislocate; to eliminate all traces of


  4. aegis[Gk. aigis=goatskin] (n) a shield or breastplate, made of goatskin, emblematic of majesty used by Zeus or Athena; protection, patronage, or sponsorship


  5. noisome(n) a perfect example/representation of a particular quality, quintessence