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  1. lachrymose
  2. nepotism
  3. waggish
  4. ad hoc
  5. mellifluous
  1. a [L. ad=for + hoc=this] (adj.) for this special purpose; improvised; (adv) concerning this
  2. b (adj) fond of making jokes; characteristic of a joker; playfully humorous or droll (having a wonderful sparkling wit)
  3. c [L. nepos=nephew or grandson] (n) unethical favoritism to or excessive patronage of one's relatives
  4. d [L. mel=honey + fluere=to flow] (adj) flowing sweetly or smoothly; honeyed
  5. e [L. lacrima=tear] (adj) tearful; prone to weeping; mournful; tear-inducing

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  1. [denz=within] (n) inhabitant, resident, dweller, one admitted to residence/citizenship
  2. [L. salus=health] (adj.) conducive to health
  3. (adj) ill-tempered; quarrelsome; difficult to get along with
  4. [Gk. eleos= pity] (adj) charitable; dependent upon or supported by a charity; derived from or provided by charity
  5. [Fr. mal=bad + content, satisfied] (adj) dissatisfied with or in open defiance of prevailing conditions (n) a person who is malcontent

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  1. maladroit[OIt. poltro=foal] (n) a base coward (adj) characterized by complete cowardice


  2. corroborate[L. cor=together + robur=strength] (vt) to confirm or give support to (a statement, theory/finding)


  3. aegis[Gk. aigis=goatskin] (n) a shield or breastplate, made of goatskin, emblematic of majesty used by Zeus or Athena; protection, patronage, or sponsorship


  4. peccadillo[Sp. pecado=sin + -illo=diminutive] (n) a minor sin or offense; a trifling fault or shortcoming


  5. caterwaul[Gk. mythology: Chimera=a fire-breathing she-monster w/ a lion's head, goat's body, and serpent's tail] (adj) imaginary; absurd; wildly fantastic or improbable; impossible