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  1. hypo/functioning
  2. oxytocin abbreviation
  3. calcitonin(produced in thyroid gland)
  4. hyper/glyc/emia is caused from?
  5. parathyroid glands target tissue?
  1. a LOW glucocorticoids, Addison's, hypoglycemia
  2. b excessive sugar in the blood
  3. c OT
  4. d sends calcium from blood to bones; lowers blood calcium
  5. e bone and kidney (vitamin D production)

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  1. insulin(beta cells) and glucagon(alpha cells)
  2. neurohypophysis
  3. near and partly behind the stomach in the L1 and L2 region
  4. diabetes mellitus
  5. kidney

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  1. stimulusproduces thymosin; part of immune system


  2. endocrine glandsproduces melotonin CNS


  3. adrenocorticotropic hormone abbreviation?ANS


  4. insulins functionstimulate labor


  5. myxedemaatrophy of the thyroid gland; advanced hypothyroidism, cretinism, weight gain