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  1. ad infinitum
  2. adept
  3. improvise
  4. divulge
  5. pedigree
  1. a lineage, ancestry, genealogy
  2. b forever, unceasingly, incessantly, ceaselessly
  3. c masterful, accomplished, proficient
  4. d disclose impart spill the beans leak
  5. e ad-lib, play it by year, wing it, extemporize

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  1. grim, cheerless, gloomy, desolate, barren
  2. conciseness terseness pithiness
  3. population shift, mass movement
  4. foundation, base, underpinning, support
  5. vulgar, crude, uncouth, ill-mannered, gauche

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  1. venomousS: nasty, malicious, virulent, malevolent


  2. loftyelevated, towering, exalted, grand


  3. dormantresting, still, quiescent


  4. rendercut off, amputate, break off, dissolve,


  5. quarryprey, game, victim, excavation, pit, mine