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  1. incubation
  2. organic growth factors
  3. mixed culture
  4. What is Bergey's Manual?
  5. Watson & Crick
  1. a The published source for bacterial classification
  2. b essential organic compounds an organism is unable to synthesize; must be directly obtained from the environment; vitamins
  3. c United States geneticist who (with Crick in 1953) helped discover the helical structure of DNA (born in 1928)
  4. d container growing two or more indentified species
  5. e the interval between exposure to infection and the appearance of the first symptom

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  1. the study of diseases caused by fungus
  2. production of a chemical compound by a living organism
  3. A simple stain is one dye. A differential stain is two different colored dyes .Four steps: Crystal Violet, Iodine treatment, Decolorization, and Counter Stain
  4. developed a vaccine for smallpox
  5. The genius is listed first and is capitalized , then comes the species which is in lower case

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  1. decomposersOrganisms that break down the dead remains of other organisms


  2. trace elementscan only survive in aerobic conditions


  3. doubling timethe time required for a population to double in size


  4. mesophilean organism that can grow in, or favors environments that have very high salt concentrations


  5. microbean organism of microscopic size