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  1. Etiquette
  2. Surmised
  3. Expedient
  4. Ruthless
  5. Intangible
  1. a merciless
  2. b rules for manners and ceremonies
  3. c not easily grasped by the mind
  4. d practical to the purpose at hand
  5. e guessed

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  1. rapidness of action
  2. Writers attempted to capture the essence of modern life in both the form and content of their work. Uncertainty, bewilderment, and apparent meaninglessness were common themes in modern literature. Writers abandoned the traditional plot, structure and structured stories to reflect fragmentation of human experience.
  3. slow in movement
  4. A way of capturing the particularities of time, place, and personality by reporting what the characters say in their own words. Phonetic spellings and grammatical errors help readers to hear language as speakers of a regional dialect would use it.
  5. to abandon or desert

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  1. Ardentto agree


  2. Stream of ConsciousnessA technique that presents thoughts as if they were coming directly from a character's mind. Instead of being arranged in chronologiccal order, the events of the story are presented from the character's feelings and memories just as they might spontaneously occur in the mind of a real person.


  3. Parleyan informal discussion with an enemy during a truce


  4. Redolentsuggestive


  5. Prerogativeextremely important or urgent