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  1. Wretched
  2. Humor Target
  3. Depravity
  4. Regional Dialect/Vernacular
  5. Detached
  1. a Humorists generally have a target; they make jokes at someone else's expense.
  2. b wickedness
  3. c dejected
  4. d A way of capturing the particularities of time, place, and personality by reporting what the characters say in their own words. Phonetic spellings and grammatical errors help readers to hear language as speakers of a regional dialect would use it.
  5. e seperate

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  1. extremely important or urgent
  2. A type of African-American folk song that fused traditional African music with other familiar materials, such as the Bible or Protestant hymns. Most have double meaning.
  3. A literary movement that sought to portray ordinary life as real people live it. Attempted to show characters and events in an objective, almost factual way.
  4. very enthusiastic
  5. At end of Revolutionary War people became more culturally independent. Placed Value on intuition and looked at the individual. Stressed the potential for human progress and spiritual growth.

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  1. Etiquetteto give or leave by will


  2. Bequeathto pacify


  3. ExaggerationThe writer enlarges or overstates beyond the bounds of truth.


  4. Congenialcompatible


  5. Jiltrapidness of action