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  1. Scion
  2. Heathen
  3. Mutinous
  4. Pestilence
  5. Sojourn
  1. a revolting against authority, unruly, anarchistic, contumacious, defiant, disloyal, disobedient
  2. b a person who does not acknowledge your God, agnostic, atheistic, barbarian, godless, idolatrous
  3. c a temporary stay, layover, residence, rest, stay, stop
  4. d a descendent or heir, begotten, branch, brood, child, chip off old block
  5. e any epidemic disease with a high death rate, contagion, disease, endemic, infection, outbreak

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  1. humble person, beggar, petitioner, suppliant
  2. a disinclination to work or exert yourself, do-nothingness, idleness, inactivity, indolence, inertia
  3. a counter accusation, allegation, arraignment, attribution, beef, blast
  4. distinctive and stylish elegance, brio, charisma, dash, flair, flamboyance,
  5. spring back as from a forceful thrust, backfire, balk, blanch, blench, blink

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  1. Retortspring back as from a forceful thrust, backfire, balk, blanch, blench, blink


  2. Rebukea quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one), antiphon, back answer, back talk, comeback, cooler


  3. Officiousintrusive in a meddling or offensive manner, busy, forward, impertinent, inquisitive, interfering,


  4. Tempesta violent storm, blizzard, bluster, chaos, convulsion, cyclone


  5. Menacesomething that is a source of danger, annoyance, caution, commination, hazard, intimidation