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  1. Caligae
  2. Pontius Pilate
  3. Pogroms
  4. Pope Leo IX
  5. Roman Baths
  1. a the Romans regularly used these to help fight germs and bacteria.
  2. b the heavy military sandals that used iron hob-nails as treads.
  3. c Jews were subject to these violent attacks
  4. d enforced Church laws against simony and the marriage of priests.
  5. e the Roman governor that accused Jesus of defying Roman authority

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  1. established in 1481 by Ferdinand and Isabela.
  2. an assembly
  3. this was the first major battle of the Crusades between the Seljuk Turks and the Crusaders in 1097
  4. Constantine moved the capital of the Roman Empire here.
  5. Felt moved by God to rescue France from its English conquerors.

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  1. John Wycliffethe heavy military sandals that used iron hob-nails as treads.


  2. scholasticsThey used their knowledge of Aristotle to debate many issues of their time.


  3. Dark Agesthe powerful city the interfered with Roman access to the Mediterranean


  4. The Jewsthe only real sources about the life and teachings of Jesus


  5. Philip IIThe Latin Word for the Roman javelin.