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  1. Perusal
  2. Pithy
  3. Peccadillo
  4. Citadel
  5. Anathema
  1. a a fortress on a hill; a stronghold
  2. b profound, substantial; concise, succinct, to the point
  3. c minor sin or transgression
  4. d close examination
  5. e ban, curse; something shunned or disliked

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  1. conspicuously bad
  2. to separate the good from the bad
  3. mixture, combination alloy
  4. to suffer from or to be overcome by great heat
  5. to free from a tangled or difficult situation

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  1. Martinetstrict disciplinarian, one who rigidly follows rules


  2. Pilferto steal repeatedly small amounts or things that are of little value


  3. Integralessential; necessary to complete something


  4. Requisiteto free from a tangled or difficult situation


  5. Burlybrawny, husky