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  1. Multiple branches of the Great Arterial Circle
    penetrate ventral brain surface to form
    anterior and posterior _______
  2. what is the only form of sympathetic ganglia (para/pre/supra) that will terminate at the sam level, ascend, descend
  3. which spinal cord system has the effector of visceral organ/structure
  4. the transverse sinuses drain into the
  5. which type of glial cell is an immune effector involved in inflamation and digesting dead neurons
  1. a perforated substances
  2. b microglia
  3. c sigmoid sinuses
  4. d autonomic
  5. e paravertebral

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  1. cranial nerve 10
  2. commissural fibers
  3. vertebral column
  4. spinal cord/cns
  5. pathway

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  1. the fourth ventricle is apart of which system that is filled with csfblood cells


  2. what dermatome is locared at s2-s4cerebral awuaduct of sylcius


  3. what type of channels exist at the paranode or closer to the node on the node of ranvierpotassium


  4. what is the section of white matter known to mediate conscious perception of mechanical stimuli, propriocepion etcuncal herniation


  5. where do the genu and posterior limb of the projection fiber get blood supply fromanterior choroidal artery