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  1. tremulous
  2. subversive
  3. solace
  4. scrupulous
  5. scurvy
  1. a comfort in times of grief, sadness, or disappointment; consolation or support
  2. b contemptible or despicable ADJ
  3. c trembling, timid, fearful
  4. d that which undermines ADJ
  5. e having high moral integrity ADJ

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  1. radiant splendor, brilliance ADJ
  2. to talk in an inane manner, especially at length V
  3. cautious, hesitant of danger. ADJ
  4. to show hesitation based on conscience. V
  5. currently or actually existing. ADJ

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  1. invectivewithout emotion, apathetic, unmoved, calm, serene ADJ


  2. relinquishto make return for, repay, retaliate, avenge VB


  3. remonstrateto lie at rest, to lie dead, to take rest. V


  4. dolorousoutwardly similar but not genuine, false, deceitful. ADJ


  5. imminentholding an indicated position, roll, or office N