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  1. what is the term for cells relocate/move to their sites of eventual activity
  2. in apoptosis in the cns glutamate is released which can lead to the release of what ion
  3. damage to which part of the neuron results in permanent damage
  4. in the recovery of the pns schwann cells will proliferate and produce what
  5. in what body part of the goldfish is neurogensis common
  1. a calcium
  2. b cell adhesion molecules and
  3. c eyes
  4. d migration
  5. e cell body

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  1. subventricular zone
  2. P75
  3. retrograde
  4. efferent/motor
  5. correct synaptogenesis

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  1. which cell type of the bbb is also the most abundant glial cellastorcyte


  2. which zone of the neural tube is the site for axonal pathwaysmantle zone


  3. what is the intial size and polarity of a neuroblastround/polar


  4. passive principle of synaptic integration states that larger neurons have____resting membrane resistance and_____capacitanceafferent/sensory


  5. what is the term for the reaction of the cell body of a neuron to injury of an axonchromatolysis