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  1. atlas
  2. guile
  3. innovation
  4. standard
  5. savory
  1. a sly intelligence; craftiness with the intention to deceive
  2. b something newly introduced or created
  3. c a book or bound collection of maps
  4. d pleasing to the taste or smell; appetizing; flavorful; spicy or salty, but not sweet; morallygood or satisfactory; respectable
  5. e conforming to the established language used by educated speakers; something established as a measure of quality

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  1. to discourage from doing something through persuasion
  2. the act of tearing out by the roots, or of eliminating as if tearing out by the roots
  3. to make a first public appearance; a formal presentation of a young woman into society
  4. to begin
  5. a person who speaks in defense of a person, an idea, or a position

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  1. impressionistica person who speaks in defense of a person, an idea, or a position


  2. decompositionthe process of rotting, breaking down, or disintegration


  3. idiomthe informal, specialized vocabulary or expressions of a particular group


  4. perceptivea beginning or an introductory step; an opening move; the ability or wish to start something; eneterprise; determenation


  5. Sisypheana simplified form of speech developed from two or more languages