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  1. pre-eminent
  2. lurking
  3. irrepressible
  4. impromptu
  5. posthumously
  1. a after death
  2. b done without preparation
  3. c waiting is a secret way
  4. d incapable of being held back
  5. e superior, above all others

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  1. give up or surrendered
  2. to hesistate or give way
  3. critical, extremely important
  4. able to recover quickly from harm, illness, or misfortune
  5. to silence or suppress; crush

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  1. tyrannywaiting is a secret way


  2. zealota reason to hide plans, an excuse


  3. apathyto hesistate or give way


  4. scoffClever, intelligent


  5. obstinatefirm, stubborn, not easily overcome