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  1. Reproach
  2. Behold
  3. Substantiate
  4. Indisputable
  5. Subliminal
  1. a Adj- Beyond doubt or question; certain.
  2. b Verb- To support with evidence.
  3. c Verb- To Criticize or express disapproval.
    ed, ful
  4. d (verb)To gaze at or look upon.
  5. e (Adj.) Below the threshold of conscious thought; not detectable, but able to bring about a response.

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  1. Verb- To prevent from moving freely or making progress; to Limit OR Noun- A large basket with Dirty Clothes.
  2. Verb- To run with short; hurried steps.
  3. Verb- To draw conclusions from evidence.
  4. Noun- Something or Someone who is greatly hated or avoided.
  5. Verb- To give approval or praise.

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  1. LaudableAdjective- Worthy of praise or honor.


  2. RefuteVerb-To Prevent or Discourage from action, by means of fear or doubt


  3. CommenceVerb- To give approval or praise.


  4. DissuadeVerb- To discourage from doing something through persuading.


  5. ProcrastinateVerb- To delay; to put off doing something.