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  1. motivation
  2. hunger
  3. electrodermal (threat) activity
  4. extrinsic motivation
  5. instinct
  1. a it involves those processes that give behaviour its energy and direction
  2. b electrical changes on the surface of the skin (expression of or stimulus significance)
  3. c ___________ and eating involve a complex regulatory system of both short term and long term regulation
  4. d physiological study of the _________ proved an intellectual dead end as it became clear that "naming is not explaining"
  5. e a desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishment

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  1. is any condition within the person that is essential and necessary for life, growth, and well-being
  2. withdraw motivational and emotional tendencies
  3. is primitive, impulsive, biological, and reative
  4. The part of the hypothalamus that produces feelings of fullness as opposed to hunger, and causes one to stop eating.
  5. cocaine, alcohol, and high-fat diets

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  1. fMRIpart of midbrain with dopamine releasing neurons=important in reinforcement


  2. external regulation of motivationincentives, consequences, and rewards


  3. cardiovascular activitycontraction and relaxation of the heart and blood vessels ( attractive incentives, difficult/challenging tasks)


  4. oxytocina hormone produced by stomach cells and circulates in the blood


  5. left prefrontal cerebral cortexwithdraw motivational and emotional tendencies