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  1. atmosphere
  2. percolation
  3. solar flares
  4. spiral
  5. asteroid
  1. a a form of galaxy with a spiral shape
  2. b movement and filtering of water through porous materials
  3. c small, rocky bodies left over from the formation of the solar system; most are accumulated in a zone between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
  4. d the layer of gases that surround the planet
  5. e a sudden eruption of hydrogen gas on the surface of the sun, usually associated with sunspots and accompanied by a burst of ultraviolet radiation that is often followed by a magnetic disturbance

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  1. a heat transfer which circulates in a fluid
  2. the energy of position or place
  3. an orbital motion which is really bakwards relative to normal orbital motions
  4. the first person to set foot on the moon
  5. the plates push together, forming mountains

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  1. tensionthe amount of mass in a unit volume of a substance


  2. watershedoccurs in the troposphere


  3. systema set of things working together to accomplish a task


  4. gaseousfull of or containing gas; existing as a gas


  5. rotationthe process where molecules of a liquid change to a gas