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  1. solar energy
  2. pipe
  3. mudflows
  4. occluded front
  5. Monsoon
  1. a sunlight that is converted into usable energy
  2. b the narrow, vertical channel through which magma rises to the surface
  3. c the rapid movement of large amounts of soil mixed with water down a slope
  4. d forms when two cold air masses trap a warm air mass in between them
  5. e a wind system that is characterized by seasonal reversal of direction

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  1. winds that blow over long distances from a specific direction
  2. igneous rock that forms underground from hardened magma
  3. energy of motion
  4. the process by which new oceanic crust is created at mid-ocean ridges as older crust moves away
  5. the spinning of Earth on its axis

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  1. Compound Machinea combination of two or more simple machines that operate together


  2. gravitational potential energythe energy associated with electric charges


  3. calderaa huge depression that forms after a volcanic eruption when the magma chamber & main vent collapse


  4. Screwan inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder


  5. uniformitarianismthe idea that the geologic processes that operate today, also operated in the past