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  1. aspire
  2. combatant
  3. intolerable
  4. vindicate
  5. temperate
  1. a acquit, absolve, exonerate advocate
  2. b seek, yearn, aim for, soar
  3. c S: insufferable, unendurable, outrageous
  4. d S: composed, balanced, mellow, fair
  5. e soldier, disputant, warrior; hostile, battling

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  1. frayed, seedy, ragged, shopworn, trite
  2. foundation, base, underpinning, support
  3. S: misuse, mistreat, harm, aggrieve
  4. ad-lib, play it by year, wing it, extemporize
  5. forever, unceasingly, incessantly, ceaselessly

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  1. relentlesspresent, furnish, submit, make, effect


  2. adeptstench stink smell


  3. versatileadaptable handy, all-around, many-sided


  4. haranguerant, lecture; tirade, diatribe


  5. proponentsupporter advocate exponent