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  1. will
  2. will (bodily desires)
  3. need
  4. pysiological needs
  5. incentives are
  1. a when a persons ______ are satisfied, well being is maintained and enhanced
  2. b an evironmental event that attracts or repels a person toward or away from initiating a particular course of action
  3. c they are inherent within the workings of biological systems ex., thirst, hunger, and sex
  4. d is the first grand theory
  5. e is primitive, impulsive, biological, and reative

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  1. a desire to perform a behavior due to promised rewards or threats of punishment
  2. positive reinforcers vs. negative reinforcers and punishers
  3. is a stress hormone associated with poor intellectual functioning, negative affect, and poor health outcomes
  4. was the first psychologist the popularize the instinct theory
  5. part of the hypothalamus involved in initiating, or 'turning on', eating

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  1. driveit assesses brain function by sampling blood flow over time and produces "movies" of participants brain activity while they perform certain tasks


  2. testosteroneis a stress hormone associated with high sexual motivation and underlies the mating effort


  3. cardiovascular activitycontraction and relaxation of the heart and blood vessels ( attractive incentives, difficult/challenging tasks)


  4. the origins of intrinsic motivation areautonomy, competence, relatedness


  5. anterior cingulate cortexbrain center for appetite regulation