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  1. which type of cell division produces 2 cells that remain in the ventricular zone and keep divding
  2. blockage of what will help keep a drug in the brain for a longer time frame
  3. in aduclt neurogensis in the olfactory bulb what is the transport system of the new cells
  4. the neuroepithelial zone of the nueral tube has its cells enter a postmittic state and forms____that line the ventricular system
  5. When studying synapses what is the best component to research
  1. a vertical/symetric
  2. b p-gp
  3. c rostral migratory stream
  4. d NMJ
  5. e ependyma

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  1. horizontal/asymetric
  2. neuroepithelial zone
  3. mini
  4. posterior pituary
  5. adsorptive mediated transcytosis

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  1. associated with the growth cone what is responsible for directing the path of axonal extensionfilopodia


  2. disorders regarding migration will result in whatunidirectional


  3. which neurotrophic factor binds to trk aNGF


  4. what is the principle that explains the adaptation of neurons firing in the brain " neurons that fire together wire together"hebbian rule


  5. in the spinal cord__matter is inside and ___matter is outsidegray