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  1. What strategy did Hitler decide upon against the USSR in 1941?
  2. If a major war broke out in 1939, Japan would be an ally to which two countries?
  3. What was Operation 'Z' (in 1940)?
  4. Which Polish city was the focal point of the German Invasion in 1939?
  5. Which Allied Power captured Berlin?
  1. a Germany and Italy
  2. b An attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to destroy the US Pacific Fleet.
  3. c USSR
  4. d Danzig
  5. e Target Leningrad and Stalingrad to dishearten the communists.

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  1. German death camp: Auschwitz
  2. To force surrender
  3. Submarines (US U-boats)
  4. Admiral Yamamoto
  5. Germany surrender unconditionally

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  1. Why was the Battle of Kursk important (1943)?Largest tank battle in history; Germany loses.


  2. What was the bloodiest battle ever fought in history?Battle of Stalingrad.


  3. On what two islands did the United States defeat Japan in 1943?Guadalcanal and Tarawa


  4. June 6, 1944, is better known as what?D-Day


  5. What two other US territories did Japan capture in December in 1941?Guam and Wake Island