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  1. extrapolate
  2. Rigmarole
  3. Requite
  4. confute
  5. oblique
  1. a not parallel or perpendicular, slanting ADJ
  2. b to make return for, repay, retaliate, avenge VB
  3. c to project, extend, or expand into an area not fully known V
  4. d to refute convincingly V
  5. e meaningless talk. N

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  1. to teach and impress by frequent repetitions of admonitions V
  2. to ambush V
  3. to give a false impression of. V
  4. ADJ, Keenness, depth of perception, discernment
  5. a state of unrest or agitation N

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  1. emulatecomfort in times of grief, sadness, or disappointment; consolation or support


  2. paucityeager or excessive desire especially to possess something, greed, avarice. N


  3. leitmotivan often repeated phrase, word, image, or theme in a literary work N


  4. Consonantin agreement or harmony with something ADJ


  5. Harrowraid, pillage