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  1. which part of the fourth ventricle only has one opening
  2. what is the morphological term for a large group of nerve fibers
  3. who has a heavier brain; males or females
  4. what is the information processing cell in the nervous system
  5. the pineal gland is known to have____but not____
  1. a males
  2. b foramen of magendie
  3. c neuron
  4. d glial cells
  5. e funiculus

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  1. glucose, calcium, potassium
  2. sympathetic
  3. levator palpebrae superioris muscle
  4. -52
  5. potassium

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  1. in the subarachnoid space there are numerous____that provide drainagearachnoid villi


  2. channelpathies associated with which ion are related to migranes, paralysis and night blindnessposterior spinal artery


  3. what is the value for normal resting potential-65


  4. what is the term for loss of sensory relayhemianestheisia


  5. cranial nerve number 1 is buried whereolfactory epithelium