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  1. Contact Hypothesis
  2. Social Loafing
  3. Door-in-the-face Technique
  4. Receptivity
  5. Stigmas
  1. a "free rider problem" the finding that people reduce effort when working in a group compared to when working alone
  2. b Whether you "get" (pay attention to, understand) the message
  3. c Start with an inflated request and then retreat to a smaller request that appears to be a concession
  4. d The idea that regular interaction between members of different groups reduces prejudices providing that it occurs under favorable conditions
  5. e Characteristics of individuals that are considered socially unacceptable (overweight)

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  1. The individual who delivers a message
  2. Explanations to justify why people in power deserve to be in power
  3. The idea that one social loafer can cause other people to loaf as well
  4. Involves careful and thoughtful consideration of the content of the message (conscious processing)
  5. Revealing potentially incriminating evidence first to negate its impact

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  1. Normative InfluenceGoing along with the crowd to be liked and accepted


  2. Altruistic PunishmentLooking to others for cues about how to behave, while they are looking at you; collective miscommunication


  3. Jigsaw ClassroomA cooperative learning technique for reducing feelings of prejudice


  4. Group Polarization EffectA shift toward a more extreme position resulting from group discussion


  5. CategorizationThe process of sorting people into groups on the basis of characteristics they have in common