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  1. Visual learners
  2. Human capital
  3. E-learning
  4. Plateau curve
  5. Formula budgeting
  1. a Form of budgeting in which an average cost is applied to comparable expenses and general funding is changed by a specific amount.
  2. b Delivery of formal and informal training and educational materials, processes, and programs via the use of electronic media.
  3. c Type of learning curve in which learning is fast at first but then flattens out with no apparent progress.
  4. d Combined knowledge, skills and experience of a company's employees.
  5. e People who learn best by relying on their sense of sight.

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  1. Graphic representation of the distribution of a single type of measurement; data is represented by a series of rectangles of varying heights.
  2. Process of providing knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) specific to a task or job.
  3. Act that prohibits discrimination or segregation based on race, color, national origin, religion, and gender in all terms and conditions of employment.
  4. Process of conducting an intensive investigation of a corporation as one of the first steps in a pending merger or acquisition.
  5. Systems management philosophy that states that every organization is hindered by constraints that come from its internal policies.

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  1. St. Mary's Honor Center v. HicksLeadership style that motivates employees by inspiring them to join in a mutually satisfying achievement.


  2. HypothesisSpecific, testable prediction that is derived from a theory and describes a relationship between two variables.


  3. Honesty/integrity testsTests that measure person's social interaction skills and patterns of behavior.


  4. Affirmative action (AA)Act that prohibits discrimination based on physical or mental disabilities.


  5. Americans with Disabilities ActTests that assess skills the candidate has already learned.