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  1. posterior pituitary also named
  2. growth hormone GH stimulates
  3. anterior pituitary hormones controlled by?
  4. norepinephrines functions?
  5. adrenal glands functions?
  1. a growth of bones, other tissues
  2. b neurohypophysis
  3. c hypothalamic releasing factors
  4. d constrict blood vessels to raise blood pressure
  5. e stress response, electrolyte levels, blood volume, inflammatory process

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  1. calcitonin
  2. PTH
  3. metabolic control it targets all body cells
  4. before puberty, increase in human growth hormone
  5. within

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  1. myxedemawithin


  2. ex/ophthalm/iaprotruding of the eyeballs


  3. thyroxine and triiodothyronine are produced by?thyroid gland


  4. posterior pituitary linked to nervous system through thishypothalamus


  5. pituitary gland consistis of these partsanterior lobe and posterior lobe