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  1. gravitational potential energy
  2. chemical energy
  3. Local Wind
  4. surface waves
  5. crystal structure
  1. a a wind that blows over a short distance
  2. b the particular geometric shape of the atoms in a mineral
  3. c these waves develop when seismic waves reach the Earth's surface; produce greater damage than other waves
  4. d the energy stored in chemical bonds
  5. e potential energy that depends upon an object's height

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  1. the fixed point the bar rotates around
  2. between the latitudes of 23.5 degrees south and 23.5 degrees north
  3. above the troposphere, extends from an altitude of about 12 kilometers to about 50 kilometers
  4. a large sphere of metal that occupies Earth's center
  5. a bowl-shaped pit at the top of the central vent in most volcanoes

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  1. climateprecipitation in the form of ice pellets/balls that are less than 5mm in diameter


  2. batholiththe largest type of intrusive igneous rock mass


  3. hardnessis the resistance of a mineral to scratching


  4. net forcethe overall force acting on an object after all forces are combined


  5. focusthe location beneath the Earth;s surface where an earthquake begins