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  1. Vancomycin
  2. Antibiotic
  3. API 20E
  4. Cytochrome C is present
  5. Nitrase Reductase Procedure
  1. a analytical profile index
    20 biochemical tests
    E- enterobacteriaceae
  2. b phenylenediamine becomes oxidized
    purple/blue color
  3. c chemical that treats mucrobial infection, medication
  4. d narrow spectrum
    peptidoglycan/cell wall inhibition
    IV administered
  5. e 10 drops of A and B

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  1. denature proteins, cell membrane
  2. to determine if an organism can reduce nitrate into nitrite using nitrate reductase
  3. NO3--->NO2
    nitrate reduction positive
  4. undetermined
  5. zinc powder

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  1. Hydrogen peroxidemycolic wax prevents absoprtion of antibiotics


  2. Anti HIV antibodychemical that treats mucrobial infection, medication


  3. TBresistance, enzymes, mutations


  4. Buddingresistant cells-->colonies in high concentrations of antibiotics


  5. Enveloped viruses< 50/ T-cell/ uL