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  1. Crosscutting requirements
  2. Pendelton Act
  3. what is needed to win the electoral college
  4. 14th Amendment
  5. World pop
  1. a established the civil service commission and created a merit system, for federal civil workers. Designed to limit spols system
  2. b mandates of federal aid that pertains to nondiscrimination environment protection, labor standars, and publix acces togovernmental information and decision making
  3. c 6.5 billion
  4. d due process
  5. e 270

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  1. 38 million
  2. voters rights
  3. giving money to states
  4. inefficient redundancies, diverse resources among states can cause economic and educational inequalities
  5. Federal law is the supreme law of the land

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  1. how many electoral votes in the entire college58


  2. how many electoral votes does california have538


  3. How many judges on each appellate court9


  4. How many counties in California58


  5. 17th AmendmentDirect Election of Senators