Vocabulary-Nursing Care

Administer a Subcutaneous Injection
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Measure Vital Signs (T, P, R, B/P, pain rating)Mesurer les signes vitaux (T, P, R, B/P, évaluation de la douleur)Measurement of Fluid Intake and Output (I&O)Mesure de l'entrée et de la sortie de fluide (I&O)Mouth careSoins de la bouchechart, record, or document in the chart, medical record, filedossierPrepare a sterile fieldPréparer un champ stérilePuls oximeter monitoringSurveillance par oxymètre de poulschange an IV bagchanger une poche IVExplanation or warningI am going to (will) bring you a bedpan. This will be a little uncomfortable. This won't hurt.ObligationI need to check your blood pressure. You have to (need to, must) stay very stillPermissionYou may get out of bed.Polite requestWould you (Can you, Could you) turn on your side?PossibilityYou might go home tomorrowRecommendationYou should take a walk every dayElectronic Medical Record (EMR)renseigner le dossier patientoral reportles transmissions orales