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keep sth away
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log offto stop a computer being connecd to a computer system, usually when you want to stop workinglook after sbto take care of someone or somethinglook at sthIf someone, usually an expert, looks at something, they examine it.look for sthtry to find sthlook forward to sthto feel happy and excited about something that is going to happenlook into sthto examine the facts about a problem or situationlook up sthto try to find a piece of information by looking in a book or on a computerlook up to sbto respect and admire someonemake for swhto move towards a placemake out sthto see, hear or understand something or someone with difficultymake up for sthto reduce the bad effect of something or make something bad become something goodmiss out on sthto fail to use an opportunity to envjoy or get an advantage from somethingpick up sthto learn a new skill or language by practising it rather than being taught itpull awayif a vehicle pulls away, it starts movingpull on sthto put on clothes quicklypull upIf a vehicle pulls up, it stops, often for a short time.put down sthto put someone or something that you are holding onto the floor or onto another surfaceput off sbto make someone dislike something or someone, or to discourage someone from doing somethingput out sthto make something that is burning stop burningput sth togetherto create something by joining or combining different thingsput up sthto show or express a particular type of opposition to somethingput up with sbto accept unpleasant behaviour or an unpleasant situationsave up sthto keep money so you can buy something with it in the futuresend off sthto send a letter, document or parcel by postset offto start a journeyslip on sthto quickly put on a piece of clothingslip outif a remark slips out, you say it without intending tostand outto be very easy to see or noticestart outto begin your life or the part of your life when you work, in a particular waystop overto stay at a place for one night or a few nights on the way to somewhere else or before returning hometake after sbto be similar to an older member of your familytake back sthto return something to the place you borrowed or bought it fromtake offIf an aircraft takes off, it begins to fly.take offto suddenly become successfultake off sthto spend time away from your worktake out sthto remove something from somewheretake sth offto remove somethingtake sth onto accept a particular job or responsibilitytalk sb intoto persuade someone to do somethingtell of sbto speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrongtell sb apartto be able to see the difference between two very similar things or peopleturn on sthto move the switch on a machine, light, etc so that it starts working, or to start the supply of water, electricity, etc.turn outto be known or discovered finally and surprisinglyturn up sthto increase the level of sound or heat that a machine produceswear offIf a feeling or the effect of something wears off, it gradually on sthto spend time repairing or improving somethingwork out sthto do a calculation to get an answer to a MATHEMATICAL questionwork out sthto understand something or to find the answer to something by thinking about it