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  1. Listless
  2. Ambiguous
  3. haplotypes
  4. Pithy
  5. Byzantium's major advantage was
  1. a its strategic position on the Bosporus
  2. b Concise; meaningful; substantial; meaty
  3. c Unclear or doubtful in meaning
  4. d lacking in spirit or energy
  5. e regions of linked variations in the human genome

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  1. Stealthy; sneaky
  2. Pride; Haughtiness
  3. Mocking; characterized by ironic; sarcastic, caustic wit to attack or expose folly
  4. Wasteful; reckless with money
  5. any of the enzymes that cut nucleic acid at specific restriction sites and produce restriction fragments. Many create sticky ends in the process.

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  1. ServileAssemble; gather; accumulate


  2. Ironicthe process that results in large numbers of identical bacteria each containing inserted DNA molecules


  3. test crosslacking in spirit or energy


  4. QuiescenceReveal


  5. St. ScholasticaAttacking cherished traditions