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  1. gene therapy
  2. Anomaly
  3. Beguile
  4. Affable
  5. Colloquial
  1. a Irregularity
  2. b The insertion of working copies of a gene into the cells of a person with a genetic disorder in an attempt to correct the disorder
  3. c Easily approachable; warmly friendly
  4. d Charm; mislead or delude
  5. e Pertaining to conversational or common speech

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  1. Highly skilled artist
  2. adapted the Benedictine rule as guidance for nuns
  3. the branch of genetics that studies organisms in terms of their genomes (their full DNA sequences)
  4. Mocking; characterized by ironic; sarcastic, caustic wit to attack or expose folly
  5. Self-satisfaction; smugness

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  1. IntimidateFrighten


  2. EulogyExpression of praise


  3. CulpableEasily deceived


  4. DerideContradict; give a false impression


  5. NefariousUnpredictable; fickle