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  1. Facilitate
  2. By the late 6th century, Byzantium became the Mediterranean world's leading producer of
  3. Whimsical
  4. single nucleotide polymorphisms
  5. Ravenous
  1. a unique spots where individuals differ by a single nucleotide
  2. b Capricious; fanciful
  3. c Extremely Hungary
  4. d Help bring about: make less difficult
  5. e silk

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  1. Harmless
  2. Stubborn; hard to control or treat
  3. One who believes that pleasure is the sole aim in life
  4. the creation and maintaining of databases of biological information
  5. analysis of sections of noncoding DNA that vary widely from one individual to another, in order to identify individuals

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  1. OpportunistExcessive self-importance; conceit


  2. IndifferentUnmoved; unconcerned by; mediocre


  3. QuerulousComplaining; fretful


  4. Cordialthe process that results in large numbers of identical bacteria each containing inserted DNA molecules


  5. gene therapySevere poverty; stinginess