Reflexive Verbs


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I get bored
me aburro
We will go to bed
nos acostaremos
He would shave
él se afeitaría
You felt happy
te alegraste
They cheer up
se animan
She gets ready
ella se arregla
We got scared
nos asustamos
You (pl) bathe
os bañais
I calm down
me calmo
They fall down
se caen
You got tired
te cansaste
We brush our hair
nos cepillamos
You (pl) get a job
os colocais
They cut their hair
se cortan (el pelo)
She makes up her mind
ella se decide
He says goodbye to
él se despide
We wake up
nos despertamos
I have a good time
me divierto
They will fall asleep
se dormirán
You would have a shower
te ducharías
He would get sick
él se enfermaría
She got angry
ella se enfadó
You (pl) hurt yourselves
os enfermáis
I had a wash
me lavé
we get up
nos levantamos
She puts on make-up
ella se maquilla
You comb your hair
te peinas
They worry
se preocupan
He tries on
él se prueba
I break an arm/leg
me rompo
We remained
nos quedamos
I burnt myself
me quemé
They took off their clothes
se quitaron la ropa
She will break an arm
ella se romperá un brazo
You would sit down
te sentarías
I become
me hago
I got dressed.
me vestí