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Emancipation of Expressionism


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Kenrick H20 Sandy
Boy Blue Entertainment
Date of First Performance
May 2013
Til Enda by Olafur Arnalds
Dance styles
Hip hop - krumping, popping, locking, animation, breaking, wacking
Section 1
Genesis - start of life
Section 2
Growth and Struggle - individual passion and expression
Section 3
Connection of flow between people - energy through dancers
Section 4
Empowerment - superhuman power
Themes (x5)
emotional journey, a moment in life, order and chaos, split from the ensemble, unison
Signature moves
ninja walk, ninja glide, ninja static, chariots of fire
Emancipation definition
liberation, being set free
Expressionism definition
an artistic style that departs from the conventions of realism and naturalism
11 mins
Choreographic intention
take audience on a journey, expressionism at different points in life, express yourself
8 features of production
Staging/set, lighting, props, costume, dancers, aural setting, dance for camera, performance environment
17 - 8 female, 9 male
no set - choreographer wants audience to just watch dancers
Proscenium arch
spotlights - order and chaos
dim blue lights - electricity
male and female same - order empowerment
grey t-shirt & jeans & trainers
dancers - rugby scrum thing
rugby scrum 1 person at front - him being held back
aural setting
continuous piece of music, layered music dancers dance to different layers
dance for camera
camera placed central to the performance, zooms on soloists - shows moments in life
performance environment
proscenium arch, simplistic so not take away from performance