Dance-A Linha Curva


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Who was the cheographer for this piece?
Itzik Galili
Who was the company?
How many dancers are in this piece?
28 15M 13F
What is the duartion?
23 minutes
What is the structure?
Made in grids,
Mixed narrative and character,
Exploring competitive nature of males
What is the dance style?
Samba, Capoeira, Contemporary
Cheographic approach?
Collaberative motifs.
Made from improvisation
What was the cheographic intention?
To have fun,
Brazillian culture in a parade,
Hiw brazilian mem communincate with women
What was the stimulus?
Celebration of brazilian culture and the ability to live in the moment
Aural composer?
Percossa. Percussion group based in Holland
Autal setting?
Vocal sounds,
Played live by 4 percussionists,
Costume designer?
Itzik Galili
Black vest tops,
Dofferent coloured shorts to create a 'wet look' Lycra shorts
Metallic disl shape collars to begin
Lighting designer?
Itzik galili
Timed coloured chequer board effect. Im different lines and blocks
Performace stage?
End stage
No set
No staging apart from one raised platform at back of set in which band play. And skateboards which 5 dancers use across stage.