Perfect choreographer
Kevin Finnan
Perfect Premiere
Warwick art centre, 28th Jan 2005
Perfect accompaniment
Sophy Smith and Tom Dickinson
Perfect set design
Simon Dormon
Perfect Costumes
Claire Armitage
Perfect Lighting
Mark Parry
Perfect Film
Caroline Bridges
Perfect Dancers
5: 3 female, 2 male
Perfect theme
It's about the way we witness time and about how it pulls and shapes us, draws us together and tears us apart
Perfect structure
EPISODIC, 13 sections
Perfect costume description
•women wear black sleeveless dresses with contrasting necklines -shows individuality & feminity
•men wear white linen shirts and black cotton trousers - shows masculinity
•costumes identify genders&groups
•modern so indicates that the dance concerns itself with current issues
• stretchy material accentuate movements: allow ease of movement but aren't restrictive
•bare foot=contemporary
•white symbolises purity
Perfect lighting description
•purple&yellow lights used frequently; suggests sunrise, normal everyday life
•lanterns create shadows which alter in size and position
•video projection gives time of day - brightly lit = summer's day in garden section
•projection of large hand adds drama - shows how time manipulates and controls us
Perfect set design description
• sand linked with hourglass​, time. Slips through dancers hands showing that time is passing and we can't stop it
•paper screen breaks down when water is poured down it, similar to ageing process
•paper is then used to make flowers, shows dancers nurturing and encouraging growth
•side benches, ladders and benches add levels
•bungees in suspension in time similar to motion of pendulum, shows that 'time flies'
Perfect music description
•clear sections helps structure the work
•regular rhythm reminds us of the steady tick-tock sound of a clock or pendulum swinging
•increase in tempo = clear climax
•varying tempo creates mood; slow in pregnancy scene = steady growth whereas fast in final scene = time is running out
•quieter in pregnancy section = intimacy and seriousness
Swansong choreographer
Christopher Bruce
Swansong premiere
Spain, Nov 1987
Swansong set design
Christopher Bruce
Swansong lighting
David Mohr
Swansong costume
Christopher Bruce
Swansong Music
Philip Chambon
Swansong structure
Episodic, 8 sections
Swansong dance style
Contemporary with some balletic, ballroom, theatrical and tap movements
Swansong theme
Human rights - prisoner of conscience
Swansong stimulus
Amnesty international, Chilean poet Victor Jara
Swansong music description
•unaccompanied interludes allow tapping to be heard
Swansong dancers
3: 2 guards, 1 prisoner
Swansong set description
•bare except from chair, suggest prison cell
•chair symbolises weapon, shield, window, defence
•proscenium arch
Swansong costume description
•prisoner: casual blue denim jeans and faded red t shirt. Red symbolises anger&love which are evidenced in Swansong
•guards: khaki uniforms, black jazz shoes. Emphasises uniformity and prisoners isolation.
•identifies groups, characters
•allows ease of movement
•highlights theme of two against one