AQA GCSE Power and Conflict quotations

Round the *********of the colossal wreck (ozymandias)
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and blights with plague the marriage (*********)(london)Hearseand blights with plague the marriage hearseLondonRuns in blood down (*********) walls (london)PalaceRuns in blood down palace wallsLondonInto the jaws of deathCharge of the light brigadeInto the (*******)of Death(charge of the light brigade)JawsWhen can their (********* )fade?( Charge of the light brigade)GloryWhen can their glory fade?Charge of the light brigaderaw in (******)-seamed hot (bayonet charge)Khakiraw in khaki-seamed hotBayonet Chargein what cold (*****) of the stars and the nations (bayonet charge)Clockworkin what cold clockwork of the stars and the nationsBayonet Chargeits mouth wide, open (**********), its eyes standing out (bayonet charge)Silentits mouth wide, open silent, its eyes standing outBayonet ChargePossibly (*********), probably not (remains)Armedpossibly armed, probably notRemainstosses his (*********) back into his body(remains)Gutstosses his uts back into his bodyRemainsHis blood-(***********) stays on the street(remains)ShadowHis blood-shadow stays on the streetRemainshis bloody life in my (**********) hands (remains)Bloodyhis bloody life in my bloody handsRemains(********** )of suffering set out in ordered rows (war photographer)Spoolsspools of suffering set out in ordered rowWar Photographer(************ )children in nightmare heat(War photographer)Runningrunning children in nightmare heatWar PhotographerSolutions (******) in trays (war photographer)SlopSolutions slop in traysWar PhotographerSmall circles( *********) idly in the moon(the prelude)GlitteringSmall circles glittering idly in the moonThe PreludeWith (**************) oars I turned (the prelude)TremblingWith trembling oars I turnedThe PreludeI gave (**************), all smiles stopped (My Last Duchess)CommandsI gave commands, all smiles stoppedMy Last DuchessNotice (**********) though, taming a sea-horse(my last duchess)NeptuneNotice neptune though, taming a sea-horseMy Last DuchessDisrupting a (***********) of yellow bias binding(poppies)BlockadeDisrupting a blockade of yellow bias bindingPoppiesHoping to hear your (************ )voice (poppies)PlaygroundHoping to hear your playground voicePoppiesit may be( ******) with tyrants(The Emigree)sickit may be sick with tyrantsEmigreeAs time rolls its (********)(The Emigree)tanksAs time rolls its tanksEmigreeThey (********** )me of being dark in their free city (The Emigree)accuseThey accuse me of being dark in their free cityEmigree(*****) tell me (Check out me history)Demdem tell meChecking out me historyBandage up me (***) with me own history (checking out me history)eyeBandage up me eye with me own historyChecking out me history(*********)de beacon (Checking out me History)ToussaintToussaint de beaconChecking out me historyand how Robin hood used to campChecking out me historyand how (******) hood used to camp(Checking out me History)robindem never tell me about (*****)Seacole(Checking out me history)Marydem never tell me about MarySeacoleChecking out me historyIf (******) were paper (Tissue)BuildingsIf buildings were paperTissueand thinned to be (***********)(Tissue)transparentand thinned to be transparentTissueThe sun shine through their borderlinesTissueThe (***) shine through their borderlines(Tissue)Sunluminous script over (******) over line(Tissue)Numbersluminous script over numbers over lineTissueTill gradually we too learned to be (**********)(Kamikaze)SilentTill gradually we too learned to be silentkamikazeStrung out like (********)(Kamikaze)BuntingStrung out like buntingkamikazeThey (************) him as though he no longer existed(Kamikaze)TreatedThey treated him as though he no longer existedkamikazeyes, grandfathers boatkamikazeyes, (*****) boat)(kamikaze)GrandfathersHe must have (**********) which had been a better way to die(kamikaze)WonderedHe must have wondered which had been a better way to diekamikazeWe build our (********) squat (Storm on the Island)Houseswe build our houses squatStorm on the IslandExploding (**********) down on the cliffs (Storm on the island)comfortablyExploding comfortably down on the cliffsStorm on the Island(********), it is a huge nothing that we fear (Storm on the Island)Strangestrange, it is a huge nothing that we fearStorm on the IslandCan raise a tragic (*****) in gale(Storm on the island)ChorusCan raise a tragic chorus in galeStorm on the island(****) is a Salvo.(Storm on the island)SpaceSpace is SalvoStorm o the islandin the (******) iced east winds that knive us(exposure)Mercilessin the merciless iced east winds that knive usexposureLike twitching (******) of men amongst brambles(exposure)agoniesLike twitching agonies of men amongst bramblesexposureclouds (*****) stormy (exposure)sagClouds sag stormyexposureAttacks once more in ranks on ranks of (****) grey(exposure)ShiveringAttacks once more in ranks on ranks of shivering greyexposureIs (*****) it are we dying?(exposure)thatIs that it are we dying?exposureless deadly than the air that (*********) black with snow(exposure)Shuddersless deadly than the air that shudders black with snowexposure

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