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Sound in film studies


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Contrapuntal sound
The sounds or music used is in contrast with the scene it has been inserted into.
Parallel sound
The sounds of music suit and fit with the scene it has been inserted into.
The collection of songs chosen to represent the mood and feeling of the film.
The music written to be played in the background of the film, designed to help emphasise the mood and audience reaction of a scene or moment.
Sound that occur within the world of the film and that can be heard by the characters within the film. For example, a radio playing in the film that is heard by the character.
Sound that cannot be heard by the characters within the film. For example, the score that plays over the top of a scene informs the audience how to think or feel, but the characters cannot hear it.
Sound effects
A sound other than speech that helps to emphasise the sound that something makes.
The process of artificially making sounds such as sound effects in post-production.
Synchronous sound
Sound that is matched to certain movements occurring in the scene e.g when footsteps correspond to feet walking.
Asynchronous sound
Sound which is NOT in-sync with the action on the screen - both in terms of timing and atmosphere.
Meaning literally two people talking, also more commonly used as way of referring to the sound of people talking.
Voice over
The sound of a narrator who talks over the top of the film to provide information. This is usually non-diegtic in nature.
Ambient sound
Sound which helps to set a scene by providing background noise such as wind, bird song, chatter of crowds etc.
A frequently recurringmelody or soundtrack which is associated with a person, thing, or emotion; Leitmotiv is German for "leading theme." Often used as a 'theme tune' for a specific character.
Sound bridge
When sound carries over a visual transition in a film. This connects the mood from one scene to another, as suggested by the music, throughout multiple scenes.
Additional dialogue recording; the method of having an actor re-record dialogue or other sounds after filming. This is to emphasise and enhance the sound on screen.