a linha curva fact file


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who is the choreographer and what is the dance company?
Itzik Galili and the dance company is rambert
how many dancers are there?
15 male and 13 female
23 minutes
date of first performance?
the london premiere was the 12th of may 2009
what staging/set is used?
there is no set except from a raised platform at the back of the stage where the percussionists perform during the dance.in one section,skateboards are used to propel 5 dancers across the stage.
performance enviroment?
an end stage
a linha curva is a big ensemble dance.narrative scenes do not include the lights,and the narrative scenes are interspersed with normal sections.
what is the stimulus?
the stimulus of a linha curva is simply brazilian culture,there is no storyline.the narrative scenes are based on how brazilian communities connect,especially between male and female dancers.
what are/is the dance style(s)
a linha curva blends samba,capoeira and contemporary dance technique
choreographic devices?
the choreographic devices include: pick up and drop off,unison,canon (basic and cumulative),accumulation,direct correlation,counterpoint and contact.
significant motifs?
there are four main motifs based off the dancers who choreographed them these are called; wagner,robson,milton and jelenia.
the costume was designed by Itzik Galili.it was inspired by brazilian carnivals and features 10 different vibrant colours.the females wear black vests with varying necklines,coloured zips with the 10 colours in different positions and a scoop back.they also wear wet look lycra shorts in the 10 different colours (matching the zip).the males wear the same costume but their vests are the other way round mirroring the females.
the lighting is also designed by Itzik Galili, and is ery complicated.there are 49 (7x7) square lights in a grid and many different vibrant colours.the lighting is all preprogrammed.the narrative scenes do not use any of the grid lights which helps to distinguish the difference.
aural setting
the music was written by Percossa, and was inspired by brazillian samba music.the music is played live during the piece by 4 percussionists on the raised platform behind the stage.